Our Mission, Vision, Values and Goals

The Minnesota Association of Dance Teams strives to educate and advocate for high school
dance team coaches in Minnesota, while providing the dance team community opportunities to
collaborate in a supportive environment.

Our vision is to promote quality coaching in dance team throughout the state through
communication, engagement, and training for our membership.


  • Offer training and leadership opportunities for MADT coaches and student athletes.
  • Provide innovative and accessible opportunities for development of MADT coaches and
    student athletes.
  • Embrace continuous improvement and provide structure for change.
  • Explore and bring forward new knowledge and ideas to improve coaching strategies and


  • Monitor and encourage standards of sportsmanship among coaches and their athletes.
  • Work in collaboration with the Minnesota State High School League and other affiliate
    associations for the betterment of Minnesota Dance Teams.

2023-2024 MADT Board of Director Goals
1. Goal
     a. Continue to build an online library of  resources for coaches
     b. Improving BOD presence in the Facebook group by responding to questions
     c. Provide collaborative opportunities at membership meetings
2. Have all MADT events come in at or below approved budget