The MADT Mentorship Program seeks to assist in building connections between new coaches and those who have been involved in the profession and organization for several years. The goals of this program are to strengthen the profession, strengthen the MADT organization and have fun in the process.

Mentorship Program FAQs

  • How do I begin mentorship relationship?
    Fill out the Mentorship Profile Form: CLICK HERE
  • Once I know who my mentor is, how do we get started?
    – Exchange personal profiles or resumes/ connect on social media
    – Meet up to find mutual area’s of interest
    – Set goals for the year
    – Share methods of achieving goals
    – Discuss assistance available from MADT membership
    – Discuss workshops which are available
    – Share materials which have been helpful to you
    – Mentee should feel comfortable calling the mentor for assistance or ideas
    – Meet prior to competitions, MADT meetings or events & attend together
    – Mentor should be responsible for introducing mentees to other members
    – Visit each other at your institutions for informal meetings/lunches
    – Be creative! The more you connect the better!
  • Who qualifies to be a mentor/mentee?
    Any MADT member who is involved either as an active or retired coach may take part in this program. It is suggested that mentors have 5 or more years of experience in the profession and have been a part of MADT for greater than 3 years. Mentees should have less than 5 years of experience in the profession and/or be new to MADT
    • Is it too late to fill out a mentorship form for this competitive year?
      Absolutely Not! We will pair requests throughout the year
    • When should I expect to be matched with a mentor or mentee? 
      The Member Relations Committee meets about once per month during the competitive season. We will try our best to get everyone matched up each time we meet, but the primary goal is to retain the quality of the matches. There is a chance every applicant will not be matched at each meeting. We will let you know as soon as we have a perfect match for you!
    • What if I haven’t been contacted by my mentor/mentee?
      A mentoring relationship is a two way street. You can make the first contact and take the initiative to send an e-mail or make a phone call.
    • How do I recognize an outstanding mentor/mentee?
      E-mail the member relations committee and be sure to send a thank you! We will send you a quick survey at the end of the year for you to give feedback.

Mentorship Committee Contacts: